A simple, fun, consumer-generated project launched in partnership with MTV back in 2007. In an era where competitions were mainly done by sending product packages as proof of purchase, we came up with the idea of a digital contest in perfect “Don’t-do-this-at-home” style.

Kit Kat’s objectives were to push sales- via the promotion- but also to start creating an online community.

We asked all consumers to send a video of their “Kraziest Break”: from skateboarding on the teacher’s desk to jumping off a building and landing on a Kit Kat covered mattress. The funniest, scariest and coolest videos were voted on a dedicated online platform and some of them were used as a tv campaign on MTV as well as a social media campaign with videos shared and voted on FB. There was pure integration with MTV as the final prizes included an appearance on MTV, as well as trips around the world, in line with the concept of the “break”.

The project was extremely successful, leading the brand to embrace consumer-generated activities as a core communication strategy. In one word: they are still doing it!

This was an award winning project @ Stella del Marketing e Pubblicita’.




    Grey-G2 (Promotions Italia)

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